Richmond center for christian study

Why a Christian Study Center?
We love the university. There is a great deal of richness in the life of the university that we celebrate – from the Gottwald Center for the Sciences and the Modlin Center for the Arts to the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness and the Robins Center. Unlike previous generations, however, our universities no longer offer much in the way of a historically orthodox, biblical perspective as an integral part of the academic life of its students. What if, once again, students had access to Centers that did just that and provided a place where they could come together and explore a biblical worldview and its relevance to their studies, their lives and the world we live in? The Richmond Center for Christian Study, along with 40 other Study Centers throughout the country, fills that gap.

Our Mission
To bring gospel transformation by fostering serious consideration and discussion of a biblical worldview and its bearing on all of life and culture.

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5808 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226