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Some years back I read a newspaper article setting out rules for job satisfaction and success. Paramount among these was advice to love what you do and to put your personal signature on your work. While my shop was established before the article appeared, these two tenets define my business philosophy and practices.

I opened my shop 25 years ago, and my enthusiasm for my work has grown as my business expanded. Originally located in a cottage, it now fills a 2 story house plus an outbuilding with 17th, 18th, and 19th century antiques from Britain, Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Although the emphasis is on English, French, and Scandinavian furnishings, Americana collectors will find plenty of accessories used in 18th and 19th century American homes. Modernists may also discover accent pieces ideal for highlighting their style.

To ensure that my stock is fresh and exciting, I make 8 trips annually abroad resulting in 4 containers filled with my beautiful and early inventory. I personally select each piece, from the most imposing armoire to the tiniest pot, not only for salability, but for beauty, authenticity, and distinctiveness. Because of this personal, on-site involvement with buying, I stand behind everything that I offer for sale. Like every conscientious dealer, I ask myself how my beliefs and practices translate to my customers. I hope they find in my shop not only beautiful pieces, but antiques that they will cherish for a lifetime, and that will enable them to put their personal signature on their homes.


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